Im going to a Marriage RETREAT!

This weekend we are going to our first ever marriage retreat at the Skamania lodge We are really looking forward to it. The kids are even excited about it cause they get to play all day while mommy and daddy go to "school" it is going to be a nice well needed vacation. I wont be online at all while we are there. I will be back Sunday evening sometime. I have two open giveaways right now $25 iTunes (Ending 8/15) and the $25 Safeway + boxtops (Ending 8/19). dont forget to enter! I have a whole list of stuff that i will be posting when I get back new reviews and some awesome giveaways! I will also be having a week of back to school reviews coming up. I just thought i would update you all as to what will be happening here soon.


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2 comments to “Im going to a Marriage RETREAT!”
Victoria's Voice said...

This sounds really great. WOW what a beautiful view! Look forward to your return and some giveaways. ENJOY!

Crystal said...

It was great!!!!! there will be a huge post all about it tommorow if i have time :)

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