10 tips for a cleaner greener home #MrsMeyers.

I have been on a recent adventure to make my house more Eco friendly and to stop using harsh chemicals to clean my house. i found a dew tips and techniques that work wonderfully and would love to share them with you so here are my tips for a cleaner greener home.

1. first and foremost it a good way to start is to use plant based cleaners there are so many new products out nowadays I'm sure you could replace all of your chemical cleaners with a plant based cleaner

2. Vinegar!! its is my new go to cleaning item. i use vinegar in and on everything it works great for cleaning out your coffee pot as we all know i also use it to clean my shower head by tying a ziploc or plastic bag with part vinegar and part water to my shower head and i keep the back and reuse it again.

3. to clean the microwave with out using harsh chemicals you can get a microwave safe bowl with water or lemon water and heat it up in the microwave untill its steams id say about 2 minutes and wipe it down the steam loosens up any stuck on food!

4. only run your dishwasher and washing machine when its full it save alot of water and theyh have eco friendly dishwasher detergents now that dont put phosphates in the water

5. you can clean your garbage disposal by putting baking soda and pouring hot vinegar in it its fizzes up and cleans great and you can throw a lemon peel in there and grid it up for a fresh clean scent

6. mopping your floors you can now buy a refillable quick mop with washable pads and you can make your own cleaning solution which u all know what i use is part vinegar and part water. it makes me feel better to have little ones crawling around on the floors without being exposed to harsh chemicals.

7. towels paper towels or bath towels reuse you bath towels more than one time i hang mine up after i use so they are dry to use again the next day it saves alot of water and u can also replace your paper towels with a washcloth or tea towel or you can make your own reusable paper towels.

8. recycle! you can recycle just about anything nowadays we always separate our recyclables from our garbage and you can even compost most of your left over foods we all know how big of an impact recycling can be.

9. Turn of your lights i don't use my lights during the day i open all my windows and curtains and let the natural light in! its so refreshing and makes the house smell great especially after it rains!

10. Line dry your clothes! when weather permits. it saves so much energy and makes your clothes smell fresh and clean.

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