Awesome FURminator Deluxe Review!

First off i would love to introduce you to our dog Shadow we rescued him last November we think he is a cocker spaniel/border collie mix. We couldn't have found a better dog he fits in perfectly here and he is great with the kids in fact he acts just like them.

About a month of having him i started realizing how much he sheds. He has a beautiful black wavy coat of fur which i love on him but not on my furniture it gets everywhere! i cant believe the places i have found his hair it is one of my pet peeves. I have tried numerous shampoo's and deshedding tools and none seemed get all the hairs off that needed to come off. I had heard so many great things about the FURminator from friends and family. I was really excited when i got the opportunity to review the..

"deLuxe deShedding Tools: Building upon the success of the original FURminator deShedding Tool, the deLuxe Collection features the same premium quality, stainless steel edge, plus a sleek, enhanced design for easier use.

These newly redesigned tools include a FURejector button, making the edge easier to clean and allowing for convenient one-handed grooming; they also feature a new sleek, ergonomic handle, making the tools more comfortable to grip.

FURminator deShedding Tools – both original and deLuxe – do not cut or damage the topcoat and are all guaranteed to work better than any brush, rake or comb available. The tools reduce airborne allergens and help to eliminate hairballs in cats.

Retail Locations: The deLuxe Collection is sold nationwide at pet retail stores and veterinarian offices, as well as online.

Design & Pricing: The deLuxe Collection is designed for long- and short-haired cats and dogs and is sold in the following sizes: cat ($44.99), small ($44.99), medium ($54.99), and large ($64.99)." 

 So we started out by giving the dog a bath as is says in the directions to make sure they have a clean coat with no tangles or mats then we waited ever so patiently for him to dry and then finally the time came to FURminate. at first i was worried it would hurt him we made sure we read the directions and followed them to the T. At first he was skittish to the fact he had never seen it before but once we started using it he was so relaxed he even layed on his back for us to do his belly  he absolutely loved it and it didn't hurt him at all.  i was in shock to the amount of hair that came off every stroke seemed to fill the brush. you know how hard it is to get hair out of a brush? Guess what it has a button called the furjector at the top that pushes all the hair out! that was by far one of my favorite features. This was the amount of fur after about 5 Min's or brushing.  You can imagine how much more came off.

 I highly doubt i will ever use another deshedder again i highly recommend the FURminator deLuxe to anyone who has pet hair problems and its not just for dogs they have some for cats too! They also have a line of shampoos and hair care for pets too.

Disclosure: Thank you to FURminator for providing me a product for me to review. all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own

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3 comments to “Awesome FURminator Deluxe Review!”
Victoria's Voice said...

Shadow is adorable. I will have to try this. Our dog is short haired but he still sheds a lot.

I love your blog. I have given you a blogger award. Stop by and pick it up when you can.

Have a great day!

Marie said...

Hi there,

Saw your blog on Victoria's Voice and decided to come by for a visit. Congrats on your award. I love what I see here, so I am now your newest visitor. I also joined your twitter. I'm @islandhoney29

Look forward to reading more from you, Marie
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Karan Gupta said...

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