Weekly wins wednesday #6

My gift card winning continues! This weeks wins are

-$25 Safeway gift card

-$20 subway gift card

- $25 Albertsons gift card

-$50 Visa card

-$50 Safeway gift card


-25 my coke reward points

-2 movie tickets

-another $50 visa card

-Swag pack


-$100 pottery barn kids gift card + 4 suave kids body wash

-Mastermind board game


it has been a really great week! i hope you all will share what you have won!

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Laura said...

Have you done a post on how you are able to win so much? I am sure it isn't super easy... would love to know how I could get in on some winning action!


Hannah said...

Will you please share your secret of how you win SOO many giftcards?? Those are the hardest things for me to win, and I would really like to win them!

Crystal said...

@laura i did make a post about it if you go to sweetiessweeps.com she has how to's thats where i got started

@hannah there really isnt a secret i just enter and hope to win but i only enter to win what i will use i dont focus on just winning but just winning what i can use.

This has just been a really good week it is not always like this

Crystal said...

it does take time and patientce i will admit

sweetone624 said...

Some of my wins are:
Mickey Mom bag with lots of healthy vitamins and stuff inside
2 swag bags with 200 each
$100 worth of school supplies
A red apron from Swanky Aprons.
Bodystuff from Bitmoms
5 $5 gcs from quiznos instant win game
Sassimi Robe

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