Wilton Cake pans and decorating supplies review!


       I have a few traditions in my house that i have started a few years ago, Every Holiday me and the kids make cupcakes and decorate them and put them on the cupcake stand it is very festive and yummy! I also make all the birthday cakes now i am no pro at it but its amazing what there is out there to work with. Wilton was kind enough to send me some products that will help me with my cake making. I have always loved Wilton products they are easy to use and the pans last forever. My husband has a thing with ruining my baking pans i honestly don't know how he does it but all of them are ruined except my Wilton pans (yes he uses them too) Wilton sent me a set of there 10 in. round Ultra Gold cake pans these are amazing! you know how most pans change color after you use them? maybe its just me but mine never stay shiny. After baking and washing their Ultra gold pans are still as beautiful as when i opened them! i am very excited to have found pans that will stay beautiful for years to come. here is a little bit more about Wilton's Ultra gold Line.

 UltraGold is a new line of bakeware that takes the art of baking to a higher level and is the culmination of Wilton’s 80 years of baking and dessert decorating experience. Every Wilton UltraGold pan was designed with features that provide the perfect baking results decorators demand:
 Premium Aluminum
Every Wilton Ultra Gold pan is hand-crafted to ensure a perfect shape and better baking results for you.

Even Heating – Won’t Warp
UltraGold heats more evenly and holds its shape like no other brand. Our premium aluminum distributes heat evenly for a light, golden brown cake surface that is ideal for decorating.

Durable Anodized Surface
Anodizing creates a more consistent surface finish. This means that UltraGold’s signature golden finish will look great and bake beautifully for years to come.

Oversized Handles for Easy Lifting
Convenient extended handles help you lift the Ultra Gold pan safely and easily. Pan dimensions are stamped on the handles.

 Now whats a cake with frosting and decorations?! Wilton has everything you could imagine to decorate your cake with. i was very happy to be able to review their  25 piece cake decorating set. It was perfect for a novice like myself it had very detailed instructions and they are easy to understand. the kit came with 5 tips, 12 decorator bags 2 couplers for changing tips without having to use a new bag, 4 icing colors Lemon Yellow, Pink, Sky Blue, Leaf Green and a flower nail which i have yet to try. They also sent some Premade icing flowers and leaves and some confetti sprinkles, the flowers are beautiful and they were perfect they weren't chipped or broken or misshapen.

Now what did i do with all this stuff? I made my husband a birthday cake! he just celebrated his 33rd birthday. its not perfect but it looks better than last time. There are still a few tools i need i realized when making this cake a butter knife sucks for spreading frosting. Here is a pic of his cake! I didn't add the daisy's i really don't think he would have been thrilled to have flowers on his cake. but i will upload a pic of what i use them on!

 I definitely recommend Wilton for Novice-Experts bakers/decorators there products always work great and they last forever.

Disclosure Thank you to Wilton for providing the products for me to review. all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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jennifer said...

That cake looks very good...I want a piece :-)

egoettner said...

Looks Great!

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