10 Ways I Incorporate fun into my childrens daily activities. #TheHub

  I love to make simple daily activities fun for my kids it makes it more interesting for them, even simple household chores are fun.

1. Cleaning up their rooms i make game out of the cleaning first we always sing a song about cleaning up, then the dirty clothes are "basketballs" and we get points for everyone that makes it into the hamper we even do that with blocks and toys that wont get damaged. we also race to see who can be the fastest at picking up a set amount of toys. you would be surprised how fast rooms get clean when you make it fun.

2. Walking my son to school i make a learning game out of it. like counting the number of trees or cars we see or pointing at an object and having him sound out the first letter that it starts with. even my 2 year old daughter is learning from it they both really enjoy going on walks.

3. Story time which is fun already my kids love it but we also love to role play the story we even get some props out. the kids have a blast and it gets them to love reading

4. Food and eating is more fun when there are shapes or faces i have found multiple products to use for make food into shapes from sandwiched to pancakes. you can even change the color of the food with simple food coloring.

5. Road trips which we take alot of  being in the military. I love to have the kids sing car songs. we play the license plate game, we also do the pointing out an object and sounding the first letter game we do when on walks, and have them counting all the different types of animals they see on the way.

6. Shopping I give the kids a list of there own so they have something to look for they really enjoy helping. we also play I SPY in the produce section they really enjoy seeing all the different fruits and vegetable i even have my son asking to try something new every once in a while ( very picky eater)

7. Homework I try to make it as fun as possible i make up math, reading, spelling games to whatever the homework is for the night. we love to use a chalk board for them to practice spelling i say the word and he tries to write it out i don't know why but they enjoy writing with a chalk board instead of paper maybe its the colored chalk

8. Bath time is always fun at our house they have so many products you can use to make bath time fun we have used to tablets that change the bathwater but don't dye there skin. the kids also love to use bath paint and crayons it may take me a little longer to clean up but its worth seeing how much fun they have.

9. Brushing their teeth we sing a tooth brushing song they sing while they are brushing because they love to hear how silly they sound with toothbrushes in there mouths.

10.  And for any day I love to send the kids on a treasure hunt i take something and hide it and make out a map and the love to go on the treasure hunt to find it, scavenger hunts are also fun too and fun for bigger groups of kids. My favorite thing to do with the kids its craft projects, paper crafts, painting, food projects, The kids really enjoy it and i love to see how creative they can be

  I really hope this post has given you some ideas on how to incorporate fun and play into your daily routines. Get the whole family involved it can make great memories and make it even more fun!

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