Funky Monkey Snacks Review

What if there was a delicious snack with the crunch and convenience people love, but also had the taste and goodness of fresh fruit?

Imagine a tasty snack that was crunchy, portable, and good-for-you… now you know what Funky Monkey Snacks are all about!

Funky Monkey Snacks are a line of freeze-dried fruit that are 100% natural, 100% real fruit, and 100% delicious – with three servings of fruit in each 1oz bag!

I have recently been searching for some healthier snack options for all of us to eat and i came across Funky Monkey Snacks. They were kind enough to send me some to review. They sent us  all 7 flavors to try!

Applemon (freeze-dried apple and organic cinnamon)

Bananamon (freeze-dried organic banana and organic cinnamon)

Carnaval Mix (freeze-dried organic banana, pineapple, apple and papaya)

Jivealime (freeze-dried pineapple and organic lime juice)

MangOJ (freeze-dried mango and orange juice)

Pink Pineapple (freeze-dried pineapple and guava)

Purple Funk (freeze-dried organic banana and organic acai)

They are yummy and the names are fun too! Me and my son's favorites were the applemon and banannamon we really  love cinnamon so these were great. Having my son like them passes the biggest test of all because he is the pickiest eater i know. My husband and daughter's favorite were MangOJ, Carnaval mix. and Jivealime. its really hard to pick just one favorite they are all delicious and Crunchy.  I have had many freeze dried fruit that are very bland and these aren't, you can taste the fruit.  My favorite thing about funky monkey snack is that there are 3 servings of fruit in every 1oz bag so i know my kids are getting there daily servings of fruit when they eat Funky monkey snacks.

EM Loves her "Funky monku Monkey" She even Goes around singing it.

Disclosure: Thank you to Funky monkey snacks for Providing the products for me to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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