Greenies Dog Treats Review

Like most great ideas, Greenies® started as a solution to a problem. That problem was bad breath. More specifically, Ivan's bad breath. Ivan was like a lot of dogs. His teeth had plaque and tartar. And the resulting gingivitis was making his breath downright unpleasant. Something had to be done, but nothing worked. Luckily for Ivan, his owners were not ones to give up easily. Working with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and other experts, they eventually developed the familiar Greenies® toothbrush-shaped dental chew we know today. However, the story doesn’t end there. Greenies continued to refine the original formula, and created an extensive product line meeting the needs of many different types of dogs. Then Greenies took everything it learned and launched a line made especially for our feline friends.

Whether your heart belongs to a Lab, a Pug or a Tabby, you can always share in a daily dose of happiness™ with Greenies®.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to review Greenies because i love finding new healthy products for my dog. Greenies has a Great line of Dog  products for their hygienic and nutritional needs. The first product i tried was their Pill Pockets they are a ingenious way to get pets to take there medicines all you do is pop the pill in the opening and squish it shut. First i wanted to see if Shadow would like them without anything in them and he did! he loves them. so then since hes not on any medications i had to find something he wouldn't normally eat to test it ok don't laugh but i chose a piece of a pickle and to my amazement he ate it without hesitation! The pill pockets come in Chicken and beef flavor and they both work wonderfully and is an easy way to get them to take their medicine.

The next product i tried was The Dental Chews. They are cute they look like little toothbrushes and work the same way They help control harmful plaque and tartar build up and freshen breath. Shadow wasn't sure what to do with it at first, I'm sure i have told  you before that we rescued him when we first got him he wouldn't play, couldn't walk on a leash and didn't know what to do with a bone he has come along way since we first got him hes learned all those things now. so after the 4th time of putting it in his mouth he realized it was something to chew on and he went to  his basket and there he stayed for quite a while chewing on it. I was very pleased to see he liked it and pleased to know it was cleaning his teeth. Greenies Dental Chews come in 5 distinct sizes and textures to better fit all different dog types.

And lastly we tried  Greenies Joint care They are daily treats to help support joint health. These treats make it easy for your dog to get A  healthy daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals they come in bubble packs with the days of the week printed on the side I liked that because I could see if he had his treat for the day. Shadow also loved these it makes me feel good knowing hes getting the vitamins he needs to stay healthy.

I am very happy to have found some dog treats that make my dog happy and keep him healthy. Greenies also has Cat Dental chews and pill pockets!

Disclosure: Thank you to Greenies for providing the products for me to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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