Weekly win's Wednesday #13 and a little late

Sorry this post is late it has been a busy week and I have been getting things ready for my husband to come home from training where he has been for the past 3 weeks And i am also packing and getting ready to go to Portland for the weekend. My TV also came this week! my husband is going to have a nice surprise waiting for him when he comes home.

 My wins this week are:

- How I met your mother Season 5 DVD from @yahootv
- Dora Mini Projector from @Tech4kids
- Barber VIP prize pack from barber foods twitter party
- Redline ultra hardcore supplement from @GNClivewell
- First aid kit from @amfam
- McDonald's Halloween bucket with apple dippers from @mcdonalds
- Elmer's Glue all from @Elmers
- Leapster Explorer! from @timetoplay's weekly trivia #timetoplaylive
- $15 Best Buy Gift card from Mycokerewards instant win
- Mobi Headphonies from Comcast family moments that matter Instant win
- Gran Turismo 5 PS3 From Subway freshbuzz frenzy that ended
- Another bag of Halls cough drops from Halls Pop and Drop Instant win
- Another month of toaster strudels! from Pillsbury's A million morning smiles
- Bamboo Sheet set
- Grab bag of Babylegs!
- Constructively eating plate and utensils set
- Hershey's candy prize pack

 Wow I didn't realize how much I have won this week until i typed it all out. I hope you all have had some luck winning too please share what you have won recently.

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3 comments to “Weekly win's Wednesday #13 and a little late”
Christina said...

Sheesh! And I thought I did "okay!" Your wins for one week are impressive! :D I did win an iPod Touch 32GB this week so that's my claim to fame for now! Lol! Keep it up and hope the rest of October treats you well! :)

Crystal said...

Congrats on your ipod!

Hannah said...

I must be doing something wrong lol, I've yet to win anything from Mycokerewards instant win game :(

You did really well this week, congrats!

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