10 tips for smarter holiday shopping and gifting #ODSmartGifts

       Its the time of year where we all start making out lists and start our holiday shopping. I thought I would take a moment to share my 10 tips for smarter holiday shopping and gifting.

1.Make a list: I start by asking everyone what they want and I start this list a few months before Christmas. It helps so you pick the right gift and saves time from having to search endlessly for the "perfect" gift.

2.Make a budget: You always want to make a budget so you know what you have to spend and how much to spend per person.

3.Start Early: I start my holiday shopping around October It gives me ample time to get everything on my list without having to rush.

4.Read Ad's: Ad's are a great way to find what your looking for without having to go to 15 stores to find it.

5.Shop sales: Sales are a great way to save $$$. Black Friday if you dare to attempt it is a really great way to save money i went last year for my first time and cant wait till this years. Cyber Monday is also good I am going to attempt it for my first time this year. I will never buy anything full price Clearance, coupons and sales are the way to go.

6. Gift cards: if your unsure of what someone wants A gift card is always a safe way to go. I prefer it as a last resort just because Gifts should be personal in my opinion. But if your stuck for time they are very handy.

7. Gift reciept: Always get a gift receipt because something may not be the right size or they got a double of the same gift or the plain fact they just didn't like it. A gift receipt Make returns easier for gift recipients and saves alot of hassle.

8. Homemade Gifts: I love to bake all kinds of goodies to give as gifts they are perfect for a whole family and great if you go to holiday parties. and i also love to craft them like making a blanket or quilt if you plan on making alot of homemade gifts i recommend starting it in the summer or even sooner than that.  

9. Reuse: My husband sometimes thinks I'm crazy when i save every gift bag or tissue paper we get. But it saves alot of money, time and is good for the earth!

10. Don't panic: Last but not least don't panic and stress Everything will turn out ok.

 I hope these tips help you out some on your holiday shopping adventures and you get everything you set out after and remember to enjoy yourself it is the best time of the year!


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