Food network store review, which is operated by, was formed so that you can order from a premium selection of more than 20,000 cooking-related items and have them delivered right to your home. is staffed with a knowledgeable customer service team that's ready to answer any question and offers a guaranteed, easy-to-shop site and efficient, affordable delivery every time

I was asked to check out the food network store and find something I own or have used to review at first I thought i wouldn't be able to until i realized they have over 20,000 cooking related items! I found multiple things I own and use.  What I chose to review is something I'm sure many of you own or have used because a Kitchen isn't complete without Corningware! The Food network Store has a great 12pc Corningware bakeware set that is very similar to mine. 

•1.5-qt. Round Dish with Glass Lid

•2.5-qt. Round Dish with Glass Lid

•1.5-qt. Oval Dish with Glass Lid

•2.5-qt. Oval Dish with Glass Lid

•Two 16-oz. Round Dishes with Plastic Lids

Find your inner chef with CorningWare. Since 1958, CorningWare has helped revolutionize cooking in America's kitchens, and has become the most recognized and respected brand of oven and bakeware in the United States. By coupling modern practicality with stylish design, CorningWare products meet the needs of today's home cooks and help them prepare popular meals with a minimum of steps while making them feel great about what they serve at the table.

  I love my Corningware and use it often from everyday meals to holiday meals Ive made anything from casserole's to a ham in mine and You don't even have to put it in a serving dish after cooking because the Corningware compliments any table well. The one thing I look for in bakeware or cookwear is durability and these have been very durable I haven't had one piece break or crack in the few years that I have had them. So yes Corningware is something you definitely want to have in your cooking arsenal and right now Food network has their set on clearance! you can get the 12 piece CorningWare Bakeware set for $59.99!

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