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I would have never thought a robotic bug could be so much fun! I received the opportunity to review Hexbug's and I have never loved a bug so much before! They are very entertaining little creatures. 

First I want to tell you about the Hexbug Nano's They are micro bugs they are about the size of a medium sized cockroach and they move in the same fashion you turn them on and watch them go they are fast! I was amazed at how fast they are my kids almost lost them a few times because they couldn't catch them so we decided to set up the starter habitat set which consist of a hexagon cell, two curved bridges and a Nano.  They are so much fun to  watch race around they can maneuver themselves throughout the habitat if they hit a wall they turn and keep going they even flip themselves over if they get stuck on their back! I enjoyed these so much I immediately bought some to gift for Christmas.

Product Description

.•Crawling bugs

•Behaves like a real bug

•Flips over by itself

•Fits in your hand

•Batteries included

You can Purchase the Hexbug Nanos here and you can buy a Single nano for 7.99. Starter pack for 12.99 and they have a ton of different habitats and combination packages for different prices

Next is the Original Hexbugs we received Delta (black) and Alpha (orange) to try out.They come in 5 different colors and different shapes and are about the size of your palm . They react to touch and sound! It scurries forward until it hears a loud noise like a clap or runs into something then it turns around and keeps going. It is so neat how they scurry around these are definitely one of the kid's new Favorite toys my dog even loves them.

                              Product Description

•Crawling bugs

•Bump sensor feelers help it avoid obstacles

•Change its direction by clapping or making noise

•Fits in your hand

•Batteries included 
You can Purchase the Original Hexbugs here from 10.79 for a random color or 11.99 for your color of choice.

And last but not least we received the Hexbug Ant and boy can this one move! I at first thought the nano's were fast oh they aren't even half as fast as the ant it takes of flying! It shocked us at first because I never expected it to be that fast all though it did get our dog going crazy trying to catch it. Instead of legs the ant has geared wheels that move which is a great thing because of the speed but can be a bad thing with dog hair It gets caught in the wheels and then they are jammed so just be sure to play with it on hardwood and away from hair or carpet. Other than that these are my favorite of them all I love to watch them zoom!

Product Description.

•Crawling bugs

•Change its direction when it hits an obstacle

•Fits in your hand

•Batteries included

You can purchase the Hexbug Ants here for 10.79 for a random color or 11.99 for color of choice.

I have to say this is the most entertaining and fun toy I have seen in a while it is something I will buy for gifts and continue to buy for my children. I never knew robotic bugs could be so fun! Thank you Hexbug for the opportunity to review!

Disclosure: Thank you to Hexbug for providing the products for me to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own


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