Glow Crazy Distance Doodler review

Glow Crazy the awesome new way to make fun go, go, GLOW!
Grab the Glow Wand and wave the light! When it hits the Glow Canvas you can Draw, Play or Write! Write your name! Draw your dog. Play tic tac Glow! Put on a Glow-tastic amazing light show!
Want to write on the wall? It's OK with Glow Crazy! With regular glow pads you're stuck in one place, but Glow Crazy lets you Glow in any space!

                         Anything glow in the dark has always interested me and my children  Its just amazing how something can glow without any batteries or electricity. Well Glow crazy has came out with a way to make glow in the dark more fun with a variety of products like the Distance doodler, Doodle dome and glow to go.

  I was really excited to receive the opportunity to review the Distance doodler It comes complete with   Dual Action Magic Light wand, 2 jumbo wall clings, 4 stencil sheets and a Fun tip booklet.


* Create a Stencil scene
* Works from 14 Feet away
* Target practice with light
* Extra Glow Clings available
* Extra Stencils available


      My kids were very excited when they seen this they couldn't wait to play with it.  It was very easy to set up all you do is pull the backing off of the glow clings and stick it on to your wall or you can cut fun shapes and put them anywhere. The magic light wand works from up to 14 feet way which amazes me we have tried similar glow products that don't work from more than a foot away so with the distance doodler you could hang the clings on the ceiling and draw. We all really had a blast playing and doodling with this. I wish they had cool stuff like this when i was a kid but that's the fun part about being a mom being able to test out all the cool toys first. I tried to take pictures but they didn't come out very well so here is a video so you can get an idea on how it works.

Disclosure: Glow Crazy provided the product to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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