K’NEX Mario Kart Wii™ Review!

I have always been a huge Mario fan, Growing up playing it on the very first Nintendo. I love being able to share the fun of Mario and Luigi with my children today. Mario has definitely evolved in over 20 years tons of different games but still the same fun characters. Well K'NEX has come out with a new way for you to have fun and enjoy these timeless characters. With the new Mari Kart WII building sets!

We received the Mario standard kart building set and the Luigi standard bike building set to review. My son immediately got to work building the Mario kart I was very shocked he put it all together with his friend and they didn't ask for my help building it but they did ask help to apply the stickers which is typical no matter what the toy is. The instructions are very easy to understand if my 7 year old can do it which is awesome! this is the first building set he has been able to put together without my help its really nice to know when I buy them now he will have a fun project to work on and not get frustrated like usual. The best part is it has a motor! it really takes off it scared me at first because I didn't expect it I jumped out of the chair to catch it from falling off the table and my son started laughing at me. Each of the building sets come with a character they have Mario, Luigi and Yoshi kart sets and Mario and Luigi bike sets. I really hope they come out with more characters I would love to see Toad or the Princess maybe even Koopa.

   Over all I am very pleased with the K’NEX Mario Kart Wii™ building sets We haven't had any problems with them at all. The pieces hold together alot better than my previous experiences in fact the only time pieces came apart is they crashed which is to be expected. They have some really cool downloadable track panels that you can print and build ramps for them or you can just use the packages like we did. As of right now the K'NEX Mario kart WII building sets are only available on www.knex.com. The standard kart building sets are $19.99 and the Standard bike building sets are only $9.99 they are all for ages 6+.


Disclosure: I was provided a product to review in exchange for my honest opinion, All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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