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                   My son has been bugging me forever for a bunk bed, 3 years ago he asked for one but I still thought he was too young for one but now he is 7 and old enough and responsible enough to sleep in one. I know my ways of logic are probably different than all of yours but being a mom I always think of the worst things that can happen first haha. Anyways I have been doing alot of searching around for childrens bunk beds and I am amazed at the selection of them.. When i was little we pretty much had two choices wood or metal but nowadays there are so many different styles and functions to them. Like this really cool camouflage loft bed with slide. I think this would be an awesome bunk bed for my son.

I'm still deciding on what type to get Ive been looking into L shaped bunk beds because of their functionality. Alot of them have desks and drawers which would be great for organization. This one I found that I fell in love with has stairs that are drawers! I know my daughter would love a bed like this when shes a little older I still think a three year old is to young to have access to a top bunk especially my daredevil daughter haha. 

                  Or should I look into A twin over full bunk bed for when they have friends over? I have alot of descions to make. I like the added bed space but they also take up more space in the room. Maybe if we move and the kids have bigger rooms. I really like this one because it has the full bed but is also multifunctional with a desk and drawers. I always love things that serve more than one purpose and make living in a smaller space a little bit easier.

Like I said there are so many different types and styles it is so hard to choose what would be the best for us. If you have any ideas or a bunk bed you love I would really like to hear about it. Any advice you have would really help and i hope that maybe I have given you some ideas.



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Armando said...

I really liked the bunk beds. Design used for bunk beds is varied so that we can choose the style. My son really liked the design of the top most in your post because its design is very unique.

Bunk beds said...

Bunk beds are great for kids, especially for a small room they do a great job. Had one when I was a kid and me and my brother were very happy about it.

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