My Journey

I began writing this post for another assignment I had to write but I felt this one was far to personal as it actually brought tears to my eyes while writing it and would rather post is as a personal post than a sponsored one.  I don't feel its much of a story to share because many of you have been through a lot more than I have but I am hoping that maybe someone can benefit or relate to it.

 My journey into the military life began three years ago after finding out I was pregnant with our second child, My husband wanted to do something great with his life that our children could be proud of. I will not lie the thought of him enlisting scared me to death as I'm sure it does almost every one. All the uncertainty of deployments and when or if they you will see them again. I am facing our first deployment here in the very near future I cannot say exactly when due to security reasons and it is a hard thought to think about, Trying to prepare ourselves and our children hoping they understand why they will not see there father for the next year and know they even though he wont be here that he still loves and cares about them.

I find my self very lucky to just now be facing our first deployment in the three years he has been in. Alot of other spouses I have talked to have had their loved ones deploy within the first or second month. I find myself lucky because I have had this time to learn alot of useful stuff I need to know in order to cope and carry on while hes away and to have had the time to grow friendships and have an awesome support system. In this lifestyle your friendships are quick to grow and many friends you grow close to will probably not be around in a year or two, I can tell you I probably have a best friend in almost every state by now.

   I have been recently going through some health issues so there are alot more uncertainty's along with deployment. There are a ton of things going through my mind right now what if my results come back bad , Should I stay here and hold down the fort? or should I move back home to be near family? I don't want to have to move my children more than we already have to but am unsure if I could do it without my family and The last thing I want is for my husband to have to worry about anything back home because what he will be going through will be 10x harder than any obstacles I may face.

This is my journey as a military spouse and I know everyone has a different story to tell I would love to hear your story or any advice you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for listening.

Disclosure: This is a personal post written by me, about me and my life.

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Anonymous said...

So inspirring!! Gives me hope when I ever have to come to that stage in our lives! Ty for sharing! <3
-Ashley Madison

Crystal said...

Im glad I could inspire thank you for reading it it really means alot

Wise Owl Designs said...

I can't imagine what must be going through your mind right now. I am not a military wife so I don't know anything about it. I am a mom though and I know that I have this habit of taking everything on myself. I recently had health issues after the birth of my son. I took on my other 3 kids and him as well as my health issues. I ended up being no good to anyone. I finally called in my family to help and they stayed with me til I got back on my feet. I know it's not much of a story but hopefully it will help some or at least be a good read. =o)

Thank you for sharing your story.

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