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           Being someone who works on the computer alot having  comfortable computer chairs is a must. Long hours in the wrong chair means a sore back later. I don't have the most comfortable chair yet but if you ask me what my dream chair is I will say a huge leather Executive chair much like this one.

           You can tell me that doesn't awesomely comfortable Ergonomic office chair.  Ergonomic means it fits the human body ( I just learned this) Which makes it more comfortable. Computer chairs have come along way since I can first remember having one. Could you have ever imagined a chair to look like this 10 years ago? I don't know about you but it looks like it would be great for support and comfortable at the same time.

                         And if your anything like me you don't want a plain black chair, There are so many office chairs in different bright colors to choose from Pink would be my favorite but I don't know how well that would go over with the hubby. I am sure we could find an agreeable color especially in this chair because it has over 16 colors to choose from!

So there's alot about what i like and look for in computer chair. I would really love to hear about your preferences and don't forget to check out Cymax for an awesome selection of computer and office chairs.

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