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Living in Washington which has to be one of the rainiest states buying patio furniture has been the last thing on my mind, I don't want to buy something just so it can be ruined from the weather. We have recently been looking into getting an outdoor fire pit since it would be something we could use often and is great for family nights but i worry about it getting rusted from the rain. Well Cymax has a great selection of Patio furniture covers like this round fire pit cover that would definitely solve the weather issue and its fairly inexpensive too!

They also have some great Potting Benches. I fell in love with this one! I am in serious need to replace my old one it is weathered and falling apart. I love the different tiers and the fact that it can double as an outdoor buffet!

They really do have a great selection of  beautiful garden furniture. I'm hoping the next house we move to has a big backyard. I would love to have an outdoor dining set or maybe even a greenhouse. I could see us having lots of family gatherings during the summer.

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efurnitureshowroom said...

all of these designs are weather resistant, and it is a good feature that furniture designs have.
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