Hello Again...

  I am back! First of I want to apologize to everyone for just disappearing from here. My husband deployed and life became 100 times harder for me and my kids. I know deployment doesn't affect everyone the same but the first few months were the worst for us. My kids had a really hard time they started misbehaving, not listening etc.. its a hard transition to go through especially when your hardly old enough to understand. I ended up having to get on anti depressants to get through it And with the help of some awesome friends. A word of advice If your going to be going through deployment  I highly recommend getting out and meeting some friends before the deployment dont wait until he leaves like I did, there is nothing like the support of a friend during deployment its nice to have someone to hang out with, eat dinner with, shop with etc..

  Shortly after he returned we were stationed in Missouri where we are still at for the time being the move on top of returning home it was a whirlwind we had no time to just enjoy each other or get back into a routine but everything is going great now other than being stuck in Missouri lol. Blogging has been on my mind constantly Everyday i Think of something to blog about or share and I have just been nervous about restarting or starting where I left off im sure i have no stats at all and I don't know what to do to start  I feel like i have to start all over again.  

Missouri has been a huge change for us It is definently different than what I am used to never before have i walked on my front porch to run into this

What i belie to be a speckled king snake

Or this..  

Three toed box Turtle

Any Advice? What would you like to see me blog about?

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