About Me

Army Wife Life & Reviews is run by Crystal Brocious.
Crystal is an Army Spouse currently stationed in Missouri, and mother of 5 (sorry only 2 but feels like 5).

Her family consists of a wonderful husband, who she calls Todd, a very serious 6 year old son Nathan and a very outspoken 2 year old Emma .Her dog Shadow (his name, not to be confused with his actual shadow), who is just unexplainable, makes her laugh everyday and the newest addition are new dog Chico!

When not blogging, Crystal is addicted to Coffee (ahem Starbucks?), Pepsi and ice cream (although not in that order and certainly not all at once...maybe). She enjoys gardening, sewing, friends, entering sweepstakes, and most of all, her family.

*Update, I was wrong, she totally is enjoying a big bowl of ice cream with her coffee right now.

Sound like the blogger you need? Check out her Info page on what she will review and her prices.

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